Why Redeemer College?

Redeemer College is a ministry of Church of the Redeemer that, in collaboration with Southeastern University (SEU), provides a unique academic opportunity. By taking accredited college courses through Southeastern University you will be building a solid biblical foundation coupled with our ministry tracks that provide practical experience and market-place skills across multiple areas of ministry. This program trains you with the skills you need to work in a ministry team setting in a local church or Christian organization. 

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Core Subjects are done by all students and build a foundation of The Bible, doctrine, personal leadership and ministry teamwork. Each student chooses between a Worship and Production Track, a Communications Track, a Pastoral Care Track, and a NextGen Track that gives them focused training in their ministry of passion and calling. Redeemer College Practicum is where each student gets to practice real ministry skill through hands-on experience in an area of ministry in Church of the Redeemer.

Academic classes are conducted through Southeastern University. The degree opportunities include Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Ministerial Leadership (AML) degree, and a bachelor of Science in Ministerial Leadership (BSML) degree. Each semester, students take four classes (12 credits). An additional three credits will be granted as practicum credit each semester at no charge to the student. Each student receives a total of 15 credits per semester.


Associate of Arts (AA)
The opportunity for students to earn their AA from a Christian University provides not only all of the basic general education courses needed to build a foundation for any specific area of study moving forward, but also builds a strong spiritual foundation in the Bible, theology, and ethics.
Associate of Ministerial Leadership (AML)
Southeastern University’s major in ministerial leadership allows students to build, refine, and expand their ministry skills. You will also receive a strong foundational knowledge in theology, the Bible, spiritual development, church ministry, leadership principles, and ecclesiastical operations.
Bachelor of Science in Ministerial Leadership (BSML)
Southeastern University's BS in Ministerial Leadership prepares Christians to serve in leadership and support roles at churches and other faith-based organizations. The program is based in a Christ-centered liberal arts curriculum and allows students to cultivate a solid foundation in all aspects of ministry, including Biblical interpretation, counseling, and preaching.


Pastoral Leadership
Pastoral Care

Worship & Production
Audio Engineering
Live Video Production
Lighting Production

Graphic Design
Web Design
Video Production

Youth Adults

Tuition cost

Tuition is $6,600/Year or $3,300/semester

financial aid

Because Southeastern University is a regionally accredited institution, its partnership with Redeemer College enables enrolled students to pay for their college experience using federal financial aid. To be eligible for such funding, the student must file an Application for Federal Student Aid (also known as a FAFSA) and maintain 12 credit hours each semester. In doing so, the student may apply for federal aid in the form of a Pell Grant, Federal Stafford (student) Loan or Federal Parent Loan. SEU's school code is 001521.  There is no need to wait, and we urge you to submit your financial aid application at www.fafsa.gov as soon as possible.


Redeemer College is an affordable alternative to a traditional University experience. We offer competitive courses and the highest regional accreditation in the nation. 

How We Measure Up

Church of the Redeemer, in collaboration with Southeastern University is authorized by the Maryland Higher Education Commission to offer the online Associate of Ministerial Leadership degree, the Associate of Arts degree, and the Bachelor of Science in Ministerial Leadership degree.